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Keoni is a certified firearms instructor with over 25 years of firearms experience. He has been a concealed handgun carrier since 1995 and has been in life threatening encounters. Keoni has competed in practical pistol, NRL 22, service rifle, and 3-gun matches, can hit an 18" square steel plate at 200 yards with a handgun, and has shot 10" groups at 1000 yards with a rifle. He can shoot a Bill Drill from concealment (draw, 6 shots) in under 2.0 seconds and has passed the police pistol qualification and has trained in self-defense shooting simulators. Keoni has a masters degree in exercise science with over 20 years of coaching experience, so he has great knowledge in training human performance.

NRA Instructor # 223695812

Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor # I171201

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